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Full Service Home Inspections
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Call Us Today!
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Q.  How do we get into the property for the inspection?
A.  We will take care of the arrangements to get into the property. We will contact the listing company, who will then contact the seller. If the seller says it is okay for us to inspect, the listing company will give us the code to get into the property (if the listing company uses a showing service, they will give us that information). We will confirm with you when the arrangements are set.
Q.  Do I have to be at the inspection?
A.  No. However, it is informative for you. We show you not only issues we have found in the home, but maintenance items, also. For example, where is the water main shut-off?
Q.  How and when will I receive my report?
A.  We will give you two copies of your report as soon as we are finished with your inspection. We will email your report, usually the same day or the following day if it is a late-afternoon inspection, complete with digital photos, to your realtor and to anyone else you would like for us to send.
Q.  How do I make payment?
A.  We accept all major credit cards, money orders, and personal checks, which may be remitted at the time of the inspection.
Q.  Why do I need a home inspection?
A.  Buying a home could be the largest investment you will ever make. A home inspection allows you to “know” your home before you buy it, identify the need for repairs, and learn about routine maintenance needed for your home. Many people cannot afford NOT to have a home inspection!
Q.  I know a lot about homes, why can’t I perform my home inspection?
A.  The state of Indiana requires all home inspectors to be licensed and carry insurance. You will also want the knowledge and experience of a professional home inspector that is familiar with home construction, proper installations, various components in the home, and home safety.
Q.  When do I call a home inspector?
A.  Usually a home inspector is called after the purchase agreement is signed. There is usually a time frame you have in which to complete your inspection. It is recommended that you contact your home inspector as early as possible during high-volume times of the year to schedule your home inspection so that it is completed within that contract time.
Q.  How long will the home inspection take?
A.  The size of the home, foundation type, and condition of the home are all factors in determining how long a home inspection will take, but generally 2-3 hours for an average-sized home is sufficient.
Q.  If you find a deficiency and I ask for it to be repaired, how do I know it was properly repaired?
A.  For a small fee, we can re-inspect the property to make sure the repairs were done properly. In some cases, depending on the deficiency, receipts for repair may be all that is necessary (i.e., cleaning and servicing a dirty HVAC system).
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